We have seen the news and the news is us

North Korea threatens to launch a missile. Donald Trump insults someone. Some random celebrity did some random horrible thing. How are these things news? What is news, really and what is it that makes something newsworthy? If information truly equates to power then these are questions we need to ask ourselves and they demand answers.… Continue reading We have seen the news and the news is us


Why Woody? Why wouldn’t he?

Headline: Woody Harrelson doesn’t like Donald Trump…who cares? In other news: Woody Harrelson goes to a fancy dinner…oookaaayy. Newsflash: Woody Harrelson smokes pot…d-uh! Nothing in the story that Canadian news agencies ran about Woody and his experiences with “The Don” do anything to advance us as a people, culture or nation. It’s not interesting in… Continue reading Why Woody? Why wouldn’t he?

In the beginning…the earth was a formless void

Perspective. It’s that thing that you need now but probably only acquired in hindsight. We rely on news agencies to give us information and we generally expect it to be delivered in a balanced and unbiased way, devoid of opinion or editorializing, leaving us to draw our own conclusions. Our relationship with the news media… Continue reading In the beginning…the earth was a formless void