Making a plan is “snow” joke

(Two snowflakes bump into each other)

Snowflake #1 (SF 1): Where am I?
Snowflake #2 (SF 2): Hey, I’ve never seen you before. You must be new here.
SF 1: Yeah, I just formed. How long have you been with this storm?
SF 2: Oh, since the beginning when it first started. How are you finding it on your first day?
SF 1: Not bad but I was expecting there to be more going on.
SF 2: Don’t worry. It will get plenty busy before you know it. Hang on! There is a sudden gust of wind coming.
SF 1: Whoaaaa! That was awesome! Wasn’t that awes…? Hey, where did he go?

(The first snowflake bumps into a third snowflake)

Snowflake #3 (SF 3): Hey, I’ve never seen you before. You must be new here.
SF 1: I just blew in. Haha!
SF 3: Hilarious! I never heard that one before. Look, I am taking this storm very seriously. If you are just going to crack jokes the whole way down, you can go bother someone else.
SF 1: Sorry. Just trying to be friendly. I don’t really know anyone here. There are a lot of new faces.
SF 3: Of course there are. No two of us are alike. Didn’t you read the orientation material?
SF 1: I haven’t really had the chance.
SF 3: Well, the first thing you need to do is make a plan.
SF 1: A plan? for what?
SF 3: Wow, you really are new at this! You need a plan of action so that you can figure out where you want to end up at the end of all this. Without one, you could wind up as part of a snowbank on the side of the road or worse, get stuck in the wheel-well of a car, all mucky and gross for the next month before breaking loose and draining into a sewer.
SF 1: Well, I just thought I would kinda float along until I landed somewhere.
SF 3: Listen, Bud. I am a snowflake with a plan: I’ll catch the first wind north and ride that out until I land on a nice iceberg somewhere surrounded by polar bears and puffins.
SF 1: Wow! I never thought much beyond the storm we are in the middle of right now.
SF 3: Well, you should think about it. And you better do it soon before you get whisked awaaayyy….
SF 1: Hey, thanks for the advice! Good luck! Boy, I sure hope he finds that iceberg. Sounds nice. Hmm, a plan, eh? Well, I guess a good place to start is probably at the beginning but I am still not sure where I am and I can’t really see where I am going so that isn’t much help. I’m not sure where I have been either but that is all behind me now so there is not much sense in trying to go back there so…

(The first snowflake bumps into a fourth snowflake)

Snowflake #4 (SF 4): Hey, I’ve never seen you before. You must be new here.
SF 1: Sorry. I didn’t see you there. I was thinking about a plan.
SF 4: A plan? What kind of plan?
SF 1: Well, there was this other guy that said that if I don’t have a plan I would end up in a mucky snow sewer with a polar bear on wheels…no, wait. That doesn’t sound right…
SF 4: Look, buddy. I don’t know anything about bears and wheels but I DO know the only sensible way to get through this whole mess is to just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Live every day like it’s your last! That’s what I always say.
SF 1: I don’t know. It is all so confusing. How am I supposed to make these kinds of choices. Why should I be put through so much stress?
SF 4: Dude! There is nothing stressful about it. Just let the wind take you where it wants…Hey, is that a snowbank? Uh-oh!
SF 1: But what about my plaaannnn…heeelllpppp mmmeeee…Whew! That was scary. (Looks around) Oh, great! I have no idea where I am now. Could this get any worse? Uh-Oh! Looks like we are coming in for a landing! But I never had a chance to come up with a plan and I STILL don’t even know where I am! Well, I guess I can’t do anything about it now. Heeerrre weee gooo!!!

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