In the beginning…the earth was a formless void

Perspective. It’s that thing that you need now but probably only acquired in hindsight. We rely on news agencies to give us information and we generally expect it to be delivered in a balanced and unbiased way, devoid of opinion or editorializing, leaving us to draw our own conclusions.

Our relationship with the news media in this regard actually tends to be a little dyslexic. On the one hand, reports that try to lead us in a specific direction tend to make us angry and resentful, feeling that an attempt has somehow been made to manipulate us or that that particular news agency is being used for more partisan motivations. But then, many of us turn to outlets like FOX News which not only delivers the news with a slant, it keels like a teeter-totter on a playground.

Of course, not every news report should be a doctoral thesis either and there is a good reason for that. Due to decreases in readership, newspapers are cutting back on their journalism staff and some have even eliminated staff photographers altogether, relaying instead on the reporter to take pictures with their phones. Television and radio have not fared much better as they replace content with advertising in a constant fight just to stay on air.

As a result of this inherent “incompleteness”, it can be rare to find full-spectrum coverage of any story. As consumers, we have accepted that, in most cases, the best you can hope for is some modicum of objectivity but then, that has a lot to do with, well, everything: politics, changing social priorities, economic climates, …and the list goes on.

The internet – much like nature – abhors a vacuum. In the absence of a single perspective, comment threads and social media give us EVERY perspective. It is through these that people have a sounding board. They are a kind of petrie dish where opinions, attitudes and values can grow and develop. Sure, left to go long enough, someone will inevitably bring up Hitler or Fascism or argue over who the better starship Captain was (It was Kirk!).

These forums act as a kind of big bang theory but for opinions and each one of us is a part of an ever-expanding universe of information.

Referenced news story:

B.C. school’s decision to not celebrate Mother’s, Father’s day in class sparks debate
B.C. school’s decision to not celebrate Mother’s, Father’s day in class sparks debate

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