“One-on-one” on a global scale

We all know the most effective way to communicate with an audience is one-on-one. However, in a world of information overload, it is a greater challenge than ever to communicate directly on an individual level.

Still, organizations must have the ability to engage their publics and keep their attention long enough to pass on meaningful information about the kinds of activities in which they are engaged. The goal is, as always, to encourage those publics to act upon the information they receive, either through direct commercial support or indirectly though the support of programs that consequently support and fund the organization.

The most revolutionary of new technologies in recent years may provide more insight into how this approach may be applied: the proliferation of social media. It is true that sites like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages but what makes them so unique is that they provide wide-scale yet very targeted communication.

With every new technology, there are those who will own it and be masters of it (or attempt to be, as much as they can) and those who must serve these masters. Corporations must embrace these changes, remaining ever vigilant in its efforts to respect the principles of openness and transparency. While it is true that there are, and continue to be giants in the Internet community, there are arguably no gatekeepers to that resource. Innumerable “dot-com” companies, both great and small, have risen and fallen based on that premise.

But in the end, organizations must be willing to make the initial investment of time and patience in exploring emergent technologies. In so doing, they have the potential of opening up a world of possibilities.

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Facebook’s latest moves could have Snapchat on the ropes
Facebook’s latest moves could have Snapchat on the ropes


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